Healthy Food

We provide good, simple, and natural food. All meals and snacks are included.

To keep your child energized and ready to play and learn, we provide a variety of wholesome and natural meals and snacks throughout the day.

Our food is prepared fresh from scratch. If we have chicken soup, it doesn’t come from a can; it is made from roasted chicken and fresh vegetables.

The menu below is just an example of the kinds of food we provide; please let us know if your child has any food sensitivities or strong preferences.

(Also, let us know if there is are specific foods you would like us to encourage your child to eat.)

Daily Tasty Meals

Maple or Cinnamon Oatmeal

Home-made mini pancakes

Bagel pieces with cream cheese or Sunbutter

Cereal with Milk and Fresh Fruit


English Muffins

Baked chicken with mixed vegetables

Variety of pastas with marinara or white sauce

Home-made vegetable / pasta / chicken soup

Veggie / chicken pizzas

Pulled pork sandwiches

Home roasted pork ribs

Sugar snap peas, Broccoli florets Hummus

Baby Carrots / Cheese & Crackers

Rice balls and seaweed / Fresh fruits- seasonal

Guacamole / Whole-grain crackers

English Muffin Pizzas