Child Details:

    Parent/Guardian Details:

    Steps to Enrollment

    Fill out the Application Request form on this page. (Requesting an application is free.) If only one parent is required to approve daycare, then only one parent’s contact information is needed for the request.

    We will send you the application via email.

    The application can be filled out entirely online. (You can even use your smart phone.)

    The application consists of 3 DocuForm forms and a copy of the Parent Handbook.

    These will be sent to you in 4 separate emails:

    1. Parent Contract
    2. Emergency Contact Info form
    3. Enrollment form (information about your child)
    4. Parent Handbook

    The forms can be filled out and signed entirely online. You can even use your smartphone to complete the forms.

    There is no cost or fee to apply.

    At your interview, we will evaluate your child and review your application information.

    Tours only by appointment. Please make arrangements before visiting.

    While we don’t require children to be a specific age, we do want them to be developmentally ready for PreSchool.

    Here is how to tell if your child is ready for Pacific Heights Prep.